Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi everyone!

It is now 12:13am at my owner's home and I woke up to start my day. Before I groom, I wanted to talk to you about what I do during my free time.

I'm an actor and I've been in many plays. I'm currently in a play called Seahamsterbiscuit. It is the story of a hamster who helps a horse friend in the biggest race of all time. I've been going through exercise ball training in order to prepare myself for this role. It was such an honor meeting the famous hamster actor, Hambey Maguire. He is a very talented young hamster actor and has taught me a lot! We're still rehearsing, but our very first opening will be on April 1st. I'm looking forward to this great play! There is a picture (above) of me on the dressing room on the set of Seahamsterbiscuit. This picture was featured in an article (as you already know) and my owner picked it to be my random picture of the day.

I'm going to go groom myself now and then read the script! Good day to my hamster friends who are just waking up or are already awake, and good night to their owners!

Viggy Sidney the hamster

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AMLS said...

Hi Viggy Sidney! Its Arthur Merrylegs here :)
Thanks for leaving me a message and linking to my blog, I've done the same in return.
Arthur Merrylegs x