Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home Clean Home!

It is now 2:44 am and my owner has finished cleaning my home. My owner stays up until I am fully awake (around midnight). She told me, she doesn't want to disturb my sleep so she waits until I am in a "play" mood. She sets up my play pen and puts all of my toys in it so I can run around while she cleans my home.

Today, or I must say on Saturday, my owner bought me a new wooden bridge! It is so much fun because my owner can make lots of shapes with it!

So now that my home is clean, I shall go play with my wheel! Nighty night to all hamsters and their owners! I will post tomorrow about my Acting skills XD. Sleep tight and don't let the mites or fleas bite!

PS: Don't forget if you want to drop me a message, you can e-mail me at the address below! Make sure you read the post where I talk about the rules I would like you to follow (for safety reasons).

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Viggy Sidney the hamster

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