Saturday, March 29, 2008

My first picture

Before I go back to sleep, I have a picture to show you(top). That's the first picture my owner took of me! She took it on the day I came to her home for the very first time! As you can see, I was busy exploring and getting adapted to my new home.

If you wish to ask me any questions or simply say hi, feel free to read my contact info below.
Before you e-mail me, I do ask you to please follow these short rules:

1) Include a subject title.
2) Please write clearly.
3) NO ATTACHMENTS of documents or pictures. If do wish to send any pictures, be sure to upload it to a photo sharing service (flickr, photobucket, etc), and link to it. I would really and deeply appreciate it if you do it this way.
4) Please be nice!
5) Don't be afraid. I'm very friendly and I will gladly post links to your hamster blog, website, artwork, etc. Just be polite about it :)

I will truly love you if you follow the rules posted above. I just want to promote a safe way to connect to other hamsters and their owners.

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