Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy 18 weeks to me!

Hello friends!
I woke up for a little snack and thought I would talk about my experience, coming to my owner's home.

I was brought home on Saturday, January 5th, 2008. I was 6 weeks old and was living alone at the time. As soon as my owner saw me, she knew I was the perfect friend for her. She bought me a cage, food, and lots of toys to play with. I was a little scared at first because, I didn't know what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the love my owner already had for me. I arrived home and my owner set everything for me. She already had a name for me, Viggy Sidney! Viggy is my owner's BF's nickname, whom she loves the same way she loves me. Sidney is the name of a baby she babysits very often and has known since he was only 10 months old. I love my name and I'm honoured that I was named after lovely people.

After that, she introduced me to my new home. I knew she meant no harm so I let her pet me ever since she laid hands on me. The first game I ever played with her was called "escalators." She wrapped her hands and held me and she moved each hand down as I moved onto the other, making it as though I was going down a set of stairs; it was a lot of fun! After we finished, she put me in my new home and I started to explore. I had a wheel that came with the cage, which was a perfect start for me (of course she got me a better wheel afterwards). My cage has 2 stories, and my food (along with some toys) is on the second floor. On the first floor, I have my Aspen shavings (I don't feel comfortable with Carefresh, but some of my hamster friends love it!) paper towels for my bedding (very comfortable to play and sleep on), more toys, my wheel and whatever food I have hidden! Oh and of course my bottle of water. My owner cares so much for me, she changes my food and water daily and makes sure I have my delicious snacks and treats (love the honey and fruit stick and alfalfa cubes). She also stays up late, just so she can play with me outside the cage. Although, I have to say at first, the exercise ball scared me, now I explore the house without a problem! I have toys to play inside my cage AND outside my cage, which includes: a bridge, caves, woods, exercise ball, etc. I also have a play pen that my owner uses when she has to clean my cage (every Saturday when I wake up). I am very friendly and I don't bite my owner and love to walk inside her long sweater sleeves (it tickles her, hehe).

My owner also keeps a journal of all the things I do! Everyday, she writes on her book the time I sleep, eat, play, groom, etc. She does this so she can keep track of my regular schedule, and to make sure I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. Yes, she writes almost every hour! I'll give you a short example:

March 28th:
8:45am - sleeping
5:18pm - sleeping
10:16pm - grooming
1:03am - playing

That's just a short summary of how I live and how my owner takes good care of me. So, if you noticed today I turn 18 weeks old! Every Saturday, my owner gets me a new toy or a new treat. I don't know what she will get me today, but I will tell you later.

Happy 18 weeks to me!!!

Viggy Sidney the Hamster

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