Monday, May 4, 2009

Sad News

Hello everyone!

I'm Viggy Sidney's owner. Viggy Sidney has been very busy these past months, being his hamsteriffic self and also acting. I am deeply sadden to inform to those who read his blog and know him that Viggy is passing away. He is in a sleeping state, breathing, but in his final moments. The vet said he is just dying of old age and at least, he is not in pain. I will inform you all when he passes, but until then, keep him in your hearts. I know a lot of you loved him and cared about him. Viggy will always be remembered!

After his life comes to an end, I will keep this blog alive and post in his honour. Be happy for him! He was the best buddy in the entire universe! He filled my days with love and joy.

I know Viggy appreciates your support and I'm sure he would like to say for the last time:

Viggy Sidney the hamster

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